Manage Smart. Offer service. Securely manage access.

Manage Smart. Offer service. Securely manage access.

Management processes of leased areas


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With the processes of gis, the optimal access management for tenants of a building succeeds. Depending on the choice of operator model, management is carried out by the provider (landlord, or commissioned property management company) or by the tenant himself. You decide individually according to your requirements which operator model is suitable for you.

Within the provider model, the management of badges with #.CARD, accesses with #.Access, doors, rooms and access devices with #.FacilityManagement is carried out exclusively via a provider. Here, only the badges authorized for the rented areas and the shared access areas (e.g. outer skin) are issued to a tenant.

If you opt for the tenant model, the management of access authorizations is carried out by the tenant himself. The provider’s task is to provide access media, create and maintain resources (rooms, floors, access devices, Tennant assignment, and access management of shared resources (entrances, floors, etc.).

Regardless of which model you choose, the processes for managing leased premises enable transparent and secure management of leased properties, ensure strict and data protection-compliant separation of data, and still enable comprehensive management of chartered resources.

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