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Time management .WTIME

The time management software with brains!


The .WTIME application for time management is 100% browser-based and can therefore be easily integrated into all system environments. For authenticated users, the web-based HR software is therefore accessible from any workstation, mobile or even at PIT stations, without additional installation effort.

Your employees, as well as their supervisors and the department, depend on a transparent and straightforward way to manage time bookings and absence requests. Especially with complex workflows and a high number of employees, the topic of time management is of great importance. Complicated solutions for time recording, booking correction and requesting and managing absences can cost everyone involved a lot of time and nerves – and the company a lot of money!

But there is a way to perform all time management tasks quickly and easily: .WTIME!

This standalone solution enables your employees to perform all time management tasks – from time and attendance recording to time correction and absence planning – with just a few clicks thanks to its simple and intuitive operation.
But not only employees benefited from the application: Individual process design enables company-specific organizational structures and workflows to be mapped and carries out numerous processes without administration. The application can be easily integrated into existing system environments through powerful interfaces, allowing all existing data on people and workflows to be imported.
Due to a tight integration with the Microsoft world, Exchange server services and Outlook client applications, the web-based application can also be used for work environments that are not based on Notes.

.WTIME is wonderfully simple and offers many advantages for the various application groups and areas of use


“It’s hard to believe time management can’t be so straightforward.”
We have preserved the proven advantages of the Notes-based application dominoHR.WorkingTime, implemented it as a web application and further improved it!
For the department, this means that the administrative work takes care of itself!

100% administration free,

Flexible, transparent and efficient

Rule based control

Data protection and data security:

Flexible, accurate and reliable without compromise

New platform and new technologies:

100% browser-based and thus suitable for use at the workplace PC, tablet or smartphone


“Gee – that’s easy” – 90% of the desired actions in the area of time management are completed by your employees via .WTIME with just a few clicks!

Amazingly intuitive operation

Modern and clearly structured surfaces

Innovative, central menu navigation

Innovative functions,

such as graphical calendar overviews and editable booking tables

Supervisors and approvers

“More time for the essentials” – Approvers only decide on the really important issues with the information they need to do so. Everything else is done by the system alone – but in the sense of the approver.

Rule-based approvals

Suitable for computer, smartphone and tablet

Decide quickly and correctly:

at any place, at any time and with the latest information to help you make decisions

System description

“Arrived in a new world” – .WTIME provides maximum value through innovation and technology.

100% browser based

Usable on different end devices (responsive design)

Manufacturer and technology independent

Life Cycle Automation and Process Focus

Standard technologies and flexible integration interfaces

Information material

Product brochure .WTIME

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