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Employee reviews & evaluations .RELATIONS&SCORING

The web-based software solution .RELATIONS&SCORING takes over the administration of various tasks within the scope of Employee Relationship Management and supports you in planning, preparing and conducting employee appraisals and performance reviews (Performance Management).

The application focuses on employee discussions and their company-specific definitions, process-oriented planning and the automatic generation of specific processes. Due to the possibility of parameterization, .RELATIONS&SCORING offers the departments maximum flexibility, as the interview contents as well as the process control can be individually adapted to your operational requirements.

Since .RELATIONS&SCORING also manages all relevant information on employees, their absences and contractual agreements, the application enables those responsible to individually define the interview and evaluation processes, coordinate and document the appointments as well as the execution of the interviews – and all this via just one application.

With .RELATIONS&SCORING, you not only save time and money, but you can be sure that no appraisal interview is forgotten and that those involved are always well prepared for it – leaving more time to concentrate on what is important: the employee.

Mitarbeitergespräche und Leistungsbeurteilungen einfach verwalten

is the perfect solution

Every company has different and diverse operational procedures to conduct and document various employee reviews and appraisals.

The .RELATIONS&SCORING module of the .secure platform adopts existing information on the person, absences and the employment contract from existing systems via interfaces and prepares it accordingly. The .RELATIONS&SCORING software solution supports the responsible persons in defining the types and contents of the interview and evaluation processes, in checking dates and execution, and in documenting all relevant information.

Through parameterization, operational requirements regarding the scheduling and documentation of employee meetings and evaluations are stored and taken into account in the meeting management. With this information, the system determines when and why which call should be made and notifies the appropriate offices of the calls due. But that’s not all: the system provides the interviewer with the correct questionnaire and the individual points can be worked through one by one – and as soon as all workflow-relevant steps have been completed, all details about the interview as well as the answers and notes are documented.

Automatic start of call processes – possible triggers:

Specific events

(e.g. 10 h exceeded, long absence due to illness)

Date reference

(e.g. probationary period interview, extension interview, etc.)

Maturity within one period

(e.g. annual review, performance appraisal, feedback meeting, etc.)

Change of a value

(e.g. change of department etc.)

Easily organize, manage and conduct calls

Central documentation as well as transparent management of various processes:

  • Performance Evaluation
  • Employee reviews
  • Target agreements
  • Auditable verification

Extremely flexible design of operational requirements

.RELATIONS&SCORING is easy to use and offers many advantages for the different application groups

.RELATIONS&SCORING supports the discussion leaders in this process:

Schedule conversations

Prepare talks

thereby you have all the necessary information for the conversation

Easy to document

– Ideally within the familiar environment

Complete and archive operations

RELATIONS&SCORING supports the employees of the personnel department in this process:

Quickly get an overview of all calls:

  • When is which conversation due
  • What is the reason for the conversation
  • Who leads the conversation

To control whether the required deadlines are met

To ensure the implementation, the regularity/legality as well as the binding of deadlines.

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