Efficient planning. Efficient coordination. Use time windows effectively. Save time.

Efficient planning. Efficient coordination. Use time windows effectively. Save time.

Time slot bookings #TimeSlot


Secure and reliable provision and management of digital identities for the unique identification of natural persons.

Transparent overview of available time slots for your external service providers

Quick and easy booking or request of the desired time slots by the external service providers themselves

Clear planning of all available time slots per delivery and pickup

Infomration by mail, SMS or via the application itself to all parties involved, e.g. the driver or the responsible contact persons.

Reduction of waiting times for efficient use of the available time slots as well as the working time of the drivers and responsible persons

The efficient management of deliveries and pickups and the associated scheduling of incoming and outgoing vehicles is a major challenge within your logistics processes. With the smart software solution #TimeSlot for resource management of your time slots per delivery and pick-up ramp, you optimize your logistics process, reduce the residence time of the vehicles and thus save time and costs!

With this solution from gis, you will succeed in managing time slots optimally and integrated into operational processes. Here, you have the freedom to decide which of the applications, processes and technologies you already use you want to continue using. Time slot booking via #TimeSlot allows carriers who want to schedule deliveries or pickups with you to book time slots directly through the browser-based application. Within the time slot bookings, all free time slots as well as their own bookings are visible for the external service providers. You decide whether these bookings are accepted directly or whether they reach you as an inquiry that is subject to an approval workflow! As part of #TimeSlot, a comprehensive administration application is available to you as the client. Time slot management can be this simple and straightforward with #TimeSlot!

#TimeSlot – Quickly and easily see which time slots are free and which bookings are available

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