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Privacy of our software solutions


The EU General Data Protection Regulation

Processing personal data is part of everyday professional life in all companies. The applications of gis GmbH have always processed personal and thus highly sensitive data. Consequently, the responsible handling of personal data is essential – not only since the increasing importance due to the legal changes of the EU-DSGVO.

In addition to the requirements of data protection and data security, systems that process data must fulfill various requirements and specifications in order to be able to guarantee the requirements of IT security. These requirements can be summarized as confidentiality, availability and integrity. If only those persons who are authorized to view data worthy of protection can do so, confidentiality is guaranteed. The timely provision of data refers to availability. Complete and intact data worthy of protection ensures integrity. The software solutions of gis GmbH integrate the requirements of IT security across the board and beyond the prescribed minimum. In addition, the error-free and complete documentation within the software ensures that you comply with data protection requirements and can also prove them.

Data protection in our software applications

The software solutions of gis GmbH ensure in detail that the data protection requirements are implemented and also verifiably documented.

The responsible handling of data, which is anchored in Article 32 DSGVO, is made clear by the software of gis GmbH through a uniform and automated allocation of access authorizations, which are based on predefined sets of rules.

In addition, the risk of data misuse is reduced to a minimum on the basis of our intelligent authorization management, as only those groups of people who really have a need are given authorization to handle personal data.

The predefined and clear approval procedures also ensure that the company’s internal processes comply with these specifications and that approvals can be issued accurately based on individual company requirements.

And all these processes can be documented in an audit-proof manner for years to come and retrieved at any time.


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