Take on board. Include. Integrate goal-oriented. Benefit from the result.

Take on board. Include. Integrate goal-oriented. Benefit from the result.

On- & Offboarding Processes


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Self-service options within onboarding processes are customizable to meet operational requirements. The optimized processes enable internal and external employees to complete tasks in a fully digitalized manner and without system disruptions directly via the employees’ own end devices. But not only that – the process chain takes into account everyone involved – from the new employee, to the responsible contact person, to service providers.

Through the #MyJob self-service app, employees are involved in onboarding and business processes from day one. For example, the #LegiApp offers quick and easy identification as part of the onboarding process.

The legitimation process is started automatically according to your requirements and upon successful completion, the information is transmitted accordingly to responsible persons or further processes (e.g. for the release of authorizations). The #FotoApp allows users to quickly, easily and completely independently provide professional photos for employee badges, badges, IT systems or any occasion. All subsequent processes, such as the provision of information and photos for badge printing to the internal badge office or the external production service provider, take place automatically in the background – without any administrative effort.

The corresponding authorizations are not released until all tasks specified in the onboarding process have been completed and the entry date has been reached. All parties involved will be informed about all important steps and outstanding tasks by mail upon request.

Rule-based management of departures means that offboarding is started completely automatically. In this way, you ensure that all authorizations are revoked when employees leave work and that all further processes, such as badge return, are initiated and monitored automatically. Not only you – but also your employees will be thrilled with these smart, digital and innovative processes that not only save time and money, but also leave an impression on your employees.

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