Integrate hardware. Automated control of hardware processes. The world of device control.

Integrate hardware. Automated control of hardware processes. The world of device control.

Hardware Integration by gis – we are the Transformers

Unser Verständnis von Hardware

Hardware is useful, necessary, but also replaceable and can be flexibly connected – this means that it is not the desired or existing hardware that determines you, but together with us you can focus on improving your processes.

Best of all, if you decide to change hardware in a few years, we’ll go along for the ride and simply connect your new systems to our flexible software.

Device orchestration has not been a challenge for us for a long time, because we understood early on that we want to offer the customer every option and not limit them in any way, but rather offer them the maximum freedom of choice to optimize business processes in the most profitable way.

We are the right partner for you if you are also looking for a long-term, strategic and innovative solution. We deliver a platform and transformed processes, not just a piece of software.

Warum wird SelfService und Automation immer selbstverständlicher?

Quite simply, everyone wants their problems solved quickly and to get answers to their questions quickly. And preferably 24/7 as well as independent and flexible of time, place and contact person and preferably as fast as possible. User-friendly and intuitively structured as well as comprehensible self-services and automated processes can fulfill these wishes and requirements of customers – and do so in an individual and targeted manner.

Our understanding of the greatest possible hardware freedom combined with the self-evidence of self services and automation are reflected in our hardware integration and control.

Wie ermöglichen wir diese Hardware-Freiheit?

Any manufacturers, technologies and systems

Flexible networking

State-of-the-art architecture and technologies

Flexible process design

High flexibility for parameterization and customizing

Self Service Processes

Minimal IT requirements (100% browser-based)

Cross-company process design

Examples of hardware, components and their areas of application

We are pleased to cooperate

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