Think service-oriented. Live service. Deliver and perform service.

Customer service with heart and mind

First-class customer service is the be-all and end-all. When it comes to service, there are no two truths for us: perfect customer service is the decisive factor in long-term customer relationships. That’s what we expect from our manufacturers and suppliers – and that’s what you expect from us.

We meet these expectations – we “deliver and perform” customer service of a special kind with our team of experts.

Companies are constantly changing – we support you in mapping up-to-date requirements, policies and processes and in implementing them in a way that fits you perfectly.

Our software solutions are your investment goods: permanent improvements and enhancements, long-term product development and maintenance, updates and upgrade services guarantee you many years of use.

Customer service of a special kind

Our systems are used by customers every day with more than 1,000,000 transactions. Failures or malfunctions can have critical effects. To make sure it doesn’t come to that, our experts are on hand: by hotline, by e-mail and soon also by browser-based service desk. So if a critical situation should ever arise – we are there to help immediately!

As part of our service, you will not end up on hold, in an impersonal call center or with incompetent employees – we provide direct, uncomplicated, fast and solution-focused help. Another special feature: our product and support experts have direct access to the development teams when needed – no ifs, ands or buts!

Our experts know the products used inside out. Your personal contacts know your processes, your requirements and your environments.

Depending on the agreed service level agreement, we even keep your specific environment in stock in our isolated service center so that we can immediately get to work on troubleshooting – self-sufficiently and without stealing your time.

This and much more is available under our service and maintenance agreements.

During the use phase we offer:

Hotline service - not only when there is a fire

this is used in the context of maintenance and software maintenance agreements and to support 1st level support

Migration of a new version or to a new environment

In this case, the migration takes place in coordination with the business departments and your IT

Adaptations and extensions

for new and extended requirements in the context of parameterization or customizing measures (parameterization, programming)


We train your technical and administrative colleagues in your applications

We are pleased to cooperate

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