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ting with .secure.CARD

Card management of the extra class.

This is the powerful life cycle solution for your workflow-based production and administration processes: simple operation, secure production processes and transparent management of your sensitive employee and access badges.

The creation and management of employee and access cards is no minor matter – RFID cards are the key to your company.

Consistent badge management is therefore a security-relevant core process! The .secure.CARD bi software provides you with a process and application environment that maps the entire life cycle of ID cards – from ordering them from the manufacturer to their documented destruction – seamlessly, audit-proof and transparently.

.secure.CARD – secure control of access authorizations and refusal of access

Your employee and access badges are the decisive keys to guarantee or prevent access to authorized persons. It is the decisive element for identifying an authorized person. For the control of access authorizations and refusal of access, this means: whoever is in possession of the badge pretends to be the person to whom the badge is assigned.


This is roughly comparable to the administration and possession of an identity card or a user account including password. Accuracy and security in the production process as well as attention and care in use, are a matter of course for each of us when it comes to private use, because it is a unique means of identification – a unique specimen.

In practice, the production and administration processes of access cards for a company are often not securely organised. Different systems for encoding and personalization, manual transfer of the badge numbers to the different consumer systems as well as the lack of an automatic connection to central HR, directory and legacy systems endanger the secure flow of these processes.

.secure.CARD eliminates these security & process-critical defects completely

Integrated into the overall architecture of .secure, .CARD has the ability to create RFID media for employees and external …




temporary, permanent, private or public.

The application is 100% browser-based and therefore no local installation and packaging of software (drivers) is required.

Hardware .secure.CARD currently supports the following device types:

badge printer & encoder

Photo cameras

RFID reader

Signature Pads

wireless process devices (currently iPAD)

For this we use our .secure.SDC (SecureDevicesController). The only thing you need is a power supply and a mains connection.

Ecosystem .CARD – LifeCycleManagement

The powerful LifeCycle solution .secure.CARD for workflow-based production and administration processes of badges offers you a process and application landscape that maps the entire life cycle of an employee. Thus, a complete, audit-proof and transparent administration of employee and access badges is possible – from the order at the manufacturer to the documented

The following interactive presentation will show you how easy, secure and transparent it is to manage employee and access badges with the .secure.CARD application.


If you would like to learn more about the entire process chain – from delivery to the audit-proof disposal of the important RFID badges – we will be happy to present our process world around .secure.CARD. Contact us now.


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